Testing & Site Integration

FCI stays at the forefront of newest technologies and testing methods in the wireless industry, to ensure the best performing systems possible for our customer’s. Regardless of vendor type of products installed, we strive to exceed our client’s expectations with their newly installed systems as well as identifying any issues within any existing legacy systems still in use.

Potential problems are quickly identified and reliably resolved allowing clients to implement preventative maintenance plans and reduce costs at the client’s expense.  For example: Problems such as vapor intrusion, antenna bandwidth drift, loose connectors, corroded conductors of damaged lightning arrestors, faulty fiber, Passive Intermodulation, RSSI can be identified before impact to our client’s network and service to their customers. Preventive and Corrective action can be taken reducing network impact.  The timely inspection of the problem component mitigates the need for future replacement of the complete antenna system.

Our Certified Field Engineers integrate and commission New Sites along with upgrades to existing Base Stations. We pride ourselves in staying up with the ever evolving and expanding Cellular Generations in the wireless industry.

F.C.I Towers
F.C.I Towers

Key Benefits

  • Extended Life in Transmission Lines
  • Reduce Site Maintenance
  • 50 to 70 Percent Expense Reduction
  • Early Detection of System Problems
  • Analyze Historical and Current Data
  • New Site builds to Upgrades to existing systems; all under one company, FCI Towers

Testing and Integration services

  • Switch support
  • Scripting
  • MW pathing and programing
  • Router integration
  • Call testing
  • PIM testing
  • Fiber Testing
  • Fiber splicing
  • VSWR- Sweep testing